6 Fresh Marketing Tips & Insights - January 2020

Blue Mantis

To keep you up to speed with the latest platform changes, SEO updates and general marketing insights, our Digital Marketing team share what they’ve learnt this month and what you need to know in this fast-paced world of Digital. Let’s go!

1. PageSpeed - Chrome warning messages are coming!

Blue Mantis Head of Marketing, Gabby, shares news of Google’s latest mobile-first initiative, set to cause an impact for businesses with average or low PageSpeed scores.

“A client recently approached us regarding a warning message they’d seen above one of their core landing pages in search results, which read ‘Your page is not mobile friendly’. The client in question had a relatively healthy PageSpeed score of 64/100, which suggests you need to be in the green (above 90) to avoid Google showing the warning text.

“Whilst this is not customer facing (only site owners can currently see this) or a new feature, it is all part of Google's mobile-first drive. This drive includes the new warning indicators which are set to appear for Chrome users, which will be customer facing - expected to come into play this year."

“No doubt seeing these slow site warnings will negatively impact click-through-rates in search, so businesses should be looking to improve their PageSpeed scores where possible.”

2. The revival of Bing (Microsoft) Ads?

Digital Marketing Executive and champion of insights, Megan, anticipates that we might see the revival of Bing (Now Microsoft) Ads this year, as advertisers become wise to the unique targeting combinations the platform offers.

For example, Microsoft Advertising integrates with LinkedIn, allowing you not only to target a user by their search intent (i.e when they’re searching for a particular product or service) but also to combine this with targeting their specific company, industry and job function - enabling you to spend your marketing budget more effectively. This is achieved via bid adjustments, allowing you to bid more aggressively for those users with your specific targeting combination (rather than only to those people).

3. Check your traffic: Google Roll out their first core update of the year

Gabby explains “Google rolled out their latest core algorithm update from January 13th, with people in SEO forums (yes we are that nerdy) saying that they’d already seen an impact to their organic traffic within a few days”.

google algorithm update

On Jan 16th Google announced the rollout was almost complete, but as always it’s a case of wait and see, as it can take a few weeks for these updates to fully take effect. So far, Search Engine Land has reported that the Health & Finance sectors have been most impacted in terms of search ranking volatility.

4. Organic shopping listings are launched for mobile

Megan, tell us more! “This is an interesting move from Google, who’ve launched an entirely organic version of shopping ads named ‘Popular Products’. Retailers can make use of these new listings by ensuring their website product schema is up to date, or alternatively the data is pulled through via their existing Google Shopping feeds which they’ve submitted to Google Merchant Center.”

“The bad news? This is currently only being trialed in the U.S, so the rest of us will have to eagerly await it’s launch!”

5. Want a greater reach on social? Don’t always ‘steal’ the user!

“We know most social entities like LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook etc, want to keep their users within their platforms” explains Gabby.

“So, if you want to ‘beat the algorithm’ and essentially increase your reach, then you shouldn’t be directing users away from the platform in every single post you create. Think about the long term marketing goals rather than looking for short term wins (and clicks). Build trust with your audience by posting entertaining or useful content - not everything needs a call to action!”

6. Don’t make your ‘thank you’ page the end

Blue Mantis Creative Director, David, shares the missed opportunity that is the thank you page. “When a customer has made a purchase on your site, you’ve already won them over, but why stop there? There's a real opportunity for businesses to become more strategic with their ‘thank you’ pages - offering upsell opportunities, reinforcing your brand personality or keeping them engaged within your site by showing them your latest articles or news content”.

Thanks for reading! Check back next month for our insights round up. Want to learn more about the latest trends, tips and need-to-know facts in digital? Chat with our digital marketing insights team today.