Blue Mantis donate new Craft website to local charity, Moonlight Trust

Blue Mantis

We’re proud to announce the successful launch of the new Moonlight Trust website, following our recent collaboration with the local humanitarian charity.

The brief

With the world facing the biggest humanitarian crisis since WW2 (with over 63 million people displaced due to war, persecution and poverty), Moonlight Trust are on a mission to provide food, shelter, sanitation , medical supplies, and basic education to those that need it most.

The local charity, who’s ambassadors include local MPs, desperately needed an updated website which would allow them to effectively showcase their current and past projects, to essentially drive new donations. They were initially using interns to try develop the website when we stepped in.

When asked why they chose us as their digital agency, Moonlight Trust CEO Noushin Raja explained:

‘We chose Blue Mantis because they shared our vision and values, enabling us to continue to maximise our support through an effective online presence, which subsequently helps us to continue our work on the ground. Blue Mantis understood that our donations are better spent supporting the most vulnerable in our community, at home and in refugee camps, and committed to designing and delivering this project free of charge - creating professional branding and a sleek new website. It’s been an honour to get to know the team, especially Martyn, and to know that there are still businesses in today’s world who up-hold their moral and corporate values. This is what our society needs the most right now.’

Our Managing Director, Martyn Lee, added:

‘It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Noushin and her team, who do so much for the community both locally and globally. We took on this project because we understand the importance of what Moonlight Trust do, and wanted to help out, even in our own small digital way. We’re delighted with how the new website has turned out. We’ve upgraded them from an old, clunky Wordpress site to the latest version of Craft CMS - providing them with a fully bespoke solution which is lean, efficient and modern.’

Why Craft CMS?

Being a company who champion Craft CMS, it was a great opportunity for us to work with the charity and develop a bespoke Craft solution.

Check out Moonlight Trust’s brand new website, and find out more about why we have some of the best craft cms developers in the UK.