Craft CMS Websites: Brands Who Love Craft CMS

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As a Craft CMS agency with a dedicated team of craft developers, we champion the Craft platform due to its easy-to-use features, flexible nature and reputation as a reliable & secure content management system. Here’s a brief look at some household-name brands who trust Craft as their CMS of choice, including some of our own clients.

Which brands are using Craft CMS?

Before choosing a CMS for your business’ website, it’s important to know you’re in good company. You want to know: do other reputable businesses trust it? Are enough reputable businesses using it?

Well, we’re not surprised to find that lots of reputable, known brands are using Craft CMS websites. Some of these recognisable names include:

  • MOZ. Why is this important? Moz are the gods of SEO. They’ve been providing advice on how to improve your site ranking on Google for over 10 years, with many people adopting the Moz Domain Authority score as a way of determining how credible and optimised for search engines a site is.

  • Netflix, who has the world hooked on its media subscription service, hosts its media centre website on none other than Craft CMS!

  • Pingdom - The trusted website monitoring service relies on Craft. Pingdom is used globally by hundreds of thousands of businesses, to check if sites are down and evaluate site speed performance.

  • The Dalai Lama. You know you’re in good hands when his holiness, The Dalai Lama, trusts Craft CMS.

  • Intel (Managed Services Provider) - If it’s good enough for the american multinational corporation and tech company, then you better believe it’s good enough for you!

Craft CMS case studies: Our clients using Craft

Here’s a look at some of our valued clients who chose Craft CMS to meet their business needs.

Prodoto Commercial Photography

After working closely with the Yorkshire based commercial photography studio for a number of years, we recently launched a highly customised, flexible, and bespoke Craft CMS solution. We built the site with optimisation in mind, so despite the fact it is highly image and asset heavy, site performance is exceptional.

The site was designed for designers, and the result is a unique platform which has already received critical acclaim from the design community.



High-end retailer, ScotlandShop, approached us following an unsuccessful experience with a previous agency, in which they’d been let down on a major project, with their business suffering as a consequence.

They tasked us with getting them back on their feet by fixing legacy issues on the site and developing a 6 month plan for improving the site UX, and ultimately driving sales.

Using our years of Craft CMS experience, we not only successfully and swifty fixed all legacy issues, but we also provided new solutions to give an all round better experience for the customer.

Upon launching our new designs, ScotlandShop saw an immediate increase in sales of over 10%.


Colin Appleyard

UK Car & Motorbike dealership franchise, Colin Appleyard, are one of our longest serving clients, having worked closely with our team for over 9 years now.

We originally started out developing SEO optimised landing pages for the client, with the relationship developing to the point where we were managing all web development activity on the site.

4 years ago we upgraded the site from Magento to Craft, later introducing Craft Commerce. Most recently, we’ve undertaken a complete redesign for the brand, whilst migrating the site from Craft 2 to Craft 3. This was a multi-site build which was split into 3 sections: Bike, Cars and the Shop. Despite the complex processes around the multiple sources and API connections, we’ve been able to provide the new site in an easy-to-use format, which integrates into all business management process - allowing for fine tune levels of stock visibility and sales management.

Elemental Fitness

Despite strict budget constraints for this project, we were able to deliver a high functioning, carefully-crafted website for the renowned gym brand, Elemental Fitness.

The Craft CMS site was built with non technical staff in mind, ensuring it was easy to use and provided an efficient integrated booking system. Further to this we developed a bespoke personal training management application and member leaderboard, which integrated seamlessly with the site.


Vantage Leasing

Can you tell we have a thing about cars (and complex projects!)? The leading car leasing agency approached us with a similar story to ScotlandShop, with their previous agency unable to provide them with the necessary resources to enable them to move forward in their business.

The project included a rebuild and migration from Craft 2 to Craft 3. We leveraged AWS services and Elastic Search to drastically improve user experience and site speed - with pages dropping from 15 second load time down to 150miliseconds. The result was a huge boost in search engine visibility, and a Google Page Speed performance score of 99/100 (and one very happy client!).

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