Interview: Blue Mantis X ScotlandShop

Blue Mantis

Cultivating a high-end Craft experience

After the recent successful launch of their Craft CMS website redesign, we felt it was perfect timing to catch up with ScotlandShop founder, Anna White, and our own Client Services Director, Mike Guy, to find out how the collaboration with the respected high-end fashion brand came about, how Blue Mantis have solved their digital problems so far - plus exciting plans for the future!

Firstly, how did Blue Mantis and ScotlandShop begin working together?


We moved to Craft for the flexibility of the platform to suit the custom made side of our business, so when we needed to find new developers we travelled the length of the country to find a company with the right technical ability but also the right attitude to build a long term relationship. We needed a company we could trust and grow with and certainly feel like we have found that with Blue Mantis.


Initially, the team got in touch with us after searching for a trusted Craft development agency online. Unfortunately, they’d been let down by their previous agency on a major project and their business was suffering as a consequence - so some immediate assistance was needed! They were ultimately looking for a company they could rely on to get them back on their feet, digitally speaking, and make a plan to move forward.

Why were Blue Mantis particularly keen to work with ScotlandShop?


From the start we recognised the opportunity to take a really well engaged brand and add value to their digital business. It was clear to us that ScotlandShop had a strong niche and a loyal repeat customer base, but weren’t maximising on this digitally - so we could see clear opportunities to help the business grow online.

Another key deciding factor was founder Anna’s passion for both the product and the customers. She’s an enthusiastic person with endless amounts of energy, extremely dedicated to the business - it’s hard not to feel inspired and enthused by her!

What were the main challenges ScotlandShop were facing before working with Blue Mantis?


The main issues were around the website experience - there were parts of the site which didn’t work well, with some functionality working intermittently - which created a frustrating user experience.

We found ScotlandShop to be a strong brand, offering a high end quality product - but their online experience just didn’t live up to this. It certainly didn’t do justice to the physical shop experience which was very much centred around the customer and the quality of the product.


In addition to the technical basics working and a smooth customer journey, we wanted to bring a lot more emotion and story to the website, allowing customers to engage with their Scottish heritage and be as excited as we are about the products and their history.

How did Blue Mantis go about solving these issues?


After meetings to understand ScotlandShop’s customers and their long term business goals, we made a hit list of everything outstanding from the original legacy project, prioritised tasks based on business impact and difficulty, then began allocating resource to get these completed as quickly as possible - agreeing a clear schedule for the next 6 months.

As a dedicated craft cms agency, we didn’t feel phased by the work involved as we knew our team had the experience to not only fix legacy issues, but also provide new solutions which would give an all round better experience for the customer, ultimately driving more sales.

What's been the most exciting part of working together so far?


We have loved having the technical and design all in one place. As well as providing great solutions, we are steadily bringing in lots of great design features to add value and enhance the customer experience, which is what we are all about.


I think for us it’s been the ability to show that we can do more than just rescue the site. We’ve built a good relationship and a level of trust that goes beyond just being a provider of tech services. We’re now actively involved in making recommendations for changes, not just on the website, but also within different areas of the business. Part of this involves implementing an email marketing strategy using powerful ecommerce marketing tool, Klaviyo. I think this demonstrates both our enthusiasm for the client and also our understanding of their business.

What results have you seen so far?


Sales are improving steadily, we have a clear plan laid out for further improvement and at long last we can actually put in place the marketing and content ideas we have been dreaming of.


Since launching the new designs, the site’s already seen an increase in sales of over 10%. But the work doesn’t stop there. We’ve just started on a 12 month journey for further improvements - with plans in place to further test, redesign and update the site to drive that conversion rate even higher! We’re also really proud to have helped rebuild Scotland Shop’s confidence in using digital agencies. Their previous agency experience gave them no faith in using a digital agency to deliver a project well, but now they’re enthusiastic about what they can achieve, which is great to see.

Any final comments?


We are really excited to be moving forwards and at a great pace, with an agency who have a real sense of purpose and desire to help us grow our business!

Huge thanks to Anna for taking the time to speak with us about her experience with Blue Mantis! As a team we’re excited to move forward with such an incredible brand and can’t wait to help them achieve further success online.

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