Magento 1 alternatives: Magento Vs Craft CMS - 2020 Review

Blue Mantis

If you’re currently using Magento as the ecommerce platform for your business, then you’ll likely be aware that the support for Magento 1 will be coming to an end within the next year. Despite businesses being aware of this fact, many are still unsure about what they are going to do to maintain their business when this happens. There’s obviously the option to switch and upgrade to Magento 2, but this brings its own issues. It’s worth bearing in mind that there are alternative solutions that you can consider in order to maintain your business effectively.

Upgrading to Magento 2

Now, the first option that you have is to upgrade to the newer version of Magento, but there are a few reasons why this might not be the best idea.

It’s important to realise that this is more of an entire rebuild than simply an upgrade, which is ultimately going to take time and money (for which your business may not be able to afford!). You are not going to be able to migrate your website without a team of developers who know exactly how to put everything in the right place and make the correct adjustments to your platform. As such, this is going to cost you a lot of money to get your business where it needs to be. Whilst Magento as a platform may be great for enterprise level ecommerce stores, if you’re not transacting multiple millions each and every year, and the prospect of a £5k a month retainer to keep the lights on makes you wince, you need to seriously consider an alternative.

Craft Commerce as an alternative

As an alternative, our team work exclusively with and champion Craft Commerce. We use it to build our customers stores which deliver exactly what they (and more importantly their customers) want from their online shopping experience. It has a user-friendly interface, meaning that you are not going to get lost or confused when you are setting up your store, and is completely flexible to give you the most variety possible. You can pick and choose the features that you need and nothing else, so you know that your store is going to be fully functional. As part of this, we always suggest you look at your business strategy and hold workshops on this to figure out what you can do better.

An opportunity for your business

The upgrade, or hopefully migration from Magento 1, represents a significant opportunity to step back and take a look at your digital collateral, see what isn’t working and then go on to implement revised strategies to better support the growth of your business. This is a really cost-effective and efficient idea that will help your business develop, grow, and be the best that it can possibly be.

We’re seeing an increase in new prospects coming to us to talk about the benefits we can bring as part of this shift, and are seeing some common themes recurring when we investigate their digital strategies. In fact, more often than not, we’re finding opportunities for growth and development that exceed the simple initial ‘build me a website’ request.

If any of this sounds like you, or resonates with challenges or concerns you’re currently facing, we’re really keen to speak with companies who are ready to change and willing to engage with us in digitally transforming the way they do business. Get in touch with us or find out more about our experience as a trusted partner of Craft CMS.