Their Brief

Vantage Leasing, a leading car leasing agency approached Blue Mantis with a vision. Their vision was to make the site bigger, better and faster. They wanted the likes of comparison tools, better integrations, a foolproof search system, a user driven filter system and more website security.

Vantage leasing homepage

Our solution

A full site migration with upgraded security. Redesigned with the user in mind and a strong focus on the user journey.

We also recommended elastic search to better manage their user’s search queries and a global business/personal toggle to aid a user in seeing consistent prices depending on their customer type. Finally, we added an updated content management system to help simplify and drive their business forward.

The migration took place to upgrade them from their existing CMS, Craft 2, to a more robust, up to speed and more secure version - Craft 3. Doing this allowed for further development on the site.

Vantage leasing top filters

What we did

  • • Site and security upgrade from Craft 2 to Craft 3
  • • Elastic search functionality
  • • UX driven unique filter system, including ability to filter by:
    • - Boot space
    • - Insurance group
    • - Efficiency
  • • A vehicle comparison tool
  • • Labels on each product to show special offers
  • • Live chat integration
  • • Site speed boost from 15 secs to 150 miliseconds
  • • Ability to switch between business and personal pricing
  • • A van only side of the site
  • • All SEO management within the CMS
  • • A whole new stock management system
  • • IDS integration to retrieve vehicle information (via CAP)
  • • Enquiry system

“Working with Blue Mantis has allowed us to grow the business in a streamline, targeted approach. Having seen both of our businesses grow during our time together, it has made for a really refreshing environment, where bouncing new ideas off each other has come common place. Without having that relationship in place and creating the spark to that environment, I am sure that we wouldn't be where we are today”

James Buttrick | Vantage Leasing


improvement in page speed

The outcome?

A better process for both the staff at Vantage and the users on the site. A page speed loading time from 15 seconds per page to just 150 milliseconds, keeping potential and existing customers browsing, frustration free. We delivered a slick new website, with filter options ranging from models, trims and transmission types to the ability to swap between business and personal lease prices being shown - and the ability to swap between the Vantage Vans site and Vantage Cars.